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AgmaCast : ORTHOPEDIC CASTING TAPE Activity, X-Ray Translucency, Light Weight
자동심실제세동기용 전극
자동심실제세동기용 전극
Item Content
Advantages X-Ray Translucent: It is highly X-Ray translucent.
Light Weight: It is 5 times lighter and stronger than plaster cast.
Air Penetration: It can penetrate air through the porous surface,
so it help not to feel of itching on the region.
Easy To Mold: It is easy to mold on the region due to its softness and elasticity.
Excellent Conformability : AgmaCast features multi-directional extensibility to conform well to contours,
improving cast fit and appearance.
Application Apply stockinette and undercast patting.
Wear gloves to prevent resin adbering to the skin.
Dip the product in water for 3 or 5 seconds and squeeze water from the product.
Overlap the product on the site with an half or two third of its width as the spiral shape.
Overlap 2-3 or 3-5 layers on the site.
Molding time is required about 3-5 minutes and weight bearing 20 minutes.
Hydrogel Patch
MAC-2000 (White, Green) 2inch x 4yds ( 5cm x 360cm ) 10 Roll
MAC-3000 (White, Green) 3inch x 4yds ( 7.5cm x 360cm ) 10 Roll
MAC-4000 (White, Green) 4inch x 4yds ( 10cm x 360cm ) 10 Roll
MAC-5000 (White, Green) 5inch x 4yds ( 12.5cm x 360cm ) 10 Roll
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(Orthopedic Cast & Splint is for export)